01 Market Analysis

Our management team provides detailed qualitative and quantitative assessment of potential markets. Locations are reviewed by the volume and value of the market along with market share and viability analysis.

02 ESG

We remain committed to working towards a sustainable environment, an inclusive social structure and a more responsive system of governance. We believe in leading from the front and we commit ourselves to a sustainable future.

03 Development

By creating conditions that include the accumulation of knowledge and technological improvements, we are well placed to help sustain the development of the new era of food production through our facilities and projects.

04 Supply Chain

Shortening the supply chain to create accessibility to local and regional markets of end consumers. Our goal is to generate fresh, quality produce in low impact produce categories within reach of the surrounding consumers.

05 Social Impact

As project developers and managers Ag Incotech actively creates significant, positive changes that helps address pressing social challenges. Making a difference as a result of deliberate activities to help the improvement of local communities.

About Ag IncoTech

Ag IncoTech is a developer and operator of Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities. The company is made up of entrepreneurs, business managers and market experts whom developed international assets in the agriculture industry and are highly experienced in the food supply chain. Ag IncoTech chooses prime locations for local market accessibility, growth potential and disruption to imported and long haul produce to help relieve negative environmental impact and significantly reduce food waste while improving fresh nutritious produce accessibility. We are helping develop the future of food production.


A highly experienced team of investors, entrepreneurs, managers and agricultural experts bringing together a vast knowledge base.

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A management team that have developed and continue to manage an eclectic range of agricultural projects all around the world.

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Controlling all elements of the success of investment projects from agricultural sciences, cashflow control and financial reporting.

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Experienced members of both the agricultural industry and the complex world of finance. Amalgamating both industries and neglecting neither.

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What we do

Incorporating technology to create a greater, more sustainable future for food. Ag IncoTech focuses on four key drivers:


Ag IncoTech is a disruptive agricultural supply chain instigator. Our mandate is to choose prime locations for local market accessibility, growth potential, produce deliverability and disruption potential to imported produce. The marketplace and supply chain for fresh fruit and vegetables has become increasingly globalized. This, in turn, is changing the way fresh produce is treated and carried from its origin to its destination creating a higher reliability on chemical inputs and greater carbon footprint. We aim to change this where possible.


Finding your market share has historically been difficult in the fresh produce space with greater supply often leading to lower market prices. However, the marketplace is now not seeking to change who they buy from but rather how it was produced. Consumers are leading this drive, not the retailers. The world is looking for fresh, tasty and healthier dietary options. The leading drive in agricultural technology is matching this pace of needed change.


Local produce retains far more nutrients than imports. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, while food that travels long distances is often picked before it is ripe and treated to ripen either during transit or storage. With Climate Change at the forefront of people’s minds, the world is looking to reduce the carbon footprint of the relationship between suppliers and consumers. Food is the most sensible place to start.


What is truly fascinating about the modern era of agriculture is what can be grown and achieved indoors is evolving every day. The technology being designed for indoor farming is largely focused on environmental control and new ways to grow different crops in semi-automated systems. The world is trying to solve the problem of food production vs changing global climates and it is becoming increasingly successful thanks to the engineering of new technologies.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Farming in a Controlled Environment allows us to produce high-value crops at maximum productivity in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. This innovation permits us to produce crops year-round that are uncorrelated to extreme weather conditions and climate instability. It thus creates substantial increases in output with fewer inputs. Controlled Environment Agriculture, with reduced use of fertilizers, water, pesticides, is changing the future of food production. Meaning we can produce better tastes, uniformity and availability, 365 days a year. The evolution of food production is occurring, and at Ag Incotech we aim to become an important part of its future.


High-tech greenhouses use 90% less water than their outdoor competitors. Making it both sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Greenhouses offer extensive protection against pests and bacterias, meaning facilities can use less-to-no chemical inputs for control.


Controlled Environment crop production allows facilities to grow crops throughout the year without constraints, meaning less interruptions to harvests.


Controlled Environment facilities allow us to create the perfect environment for our crops. Allowing for high density planting and maximum production.


Years of Experience

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Project Design

Designing a Controlled Environment Agricultural facility takes science, engineering and biological comprehension. Which is why at Ag IncoTech, we design everything we do with our global advisors, agronomists and engineers to make sure we get it right first time.


At Ag IncoTech, we design and engineer our facilities and climate control systems in-house and in cohesion with our suppliers, ensuring that the finest details are considered and accounted for. No environment or climate is ever the same, meaning a plug-and-play system will never provide the most efficient growing environment to sustain a low-cost efficient production facility.

Therefore, at Ag IncoTech we reverse engineer projects upon selection of markets to create data driven viability models.

  • Structural facilities for maximum lifespan.
  • Climate control systems to create best environment for selected produce.
  • Online control of technology from anywhere in the world.
  • Lowest synthetic inputs possible for least negative environmental impact.
  • Positive social impact considerations and planning.

The Ag IncoTech team possesses the industry expertise, network of relationships and tested investment process required to identify, design and build the next generation of leading food and agricultural enterprises.

Key Industry Statistics

% Less Water Usage with CEA

%+ Production vs Outdoor

% of Fresh Produce Utilized

% Arable Land Lost in Past 30 Years

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At Ag IncoTech, we provide in-depth reports covering subjects such as; industries, technology, markets, financials, investments and country economics. We welcome you to signup to our regular reports below.

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Executive Leadership Team

Ag IncoTech’s Executive Leadership Team defines and amplifies the culture of our organization – serving as both the nerve center and the heartbeat to direct and inspire individuals and teams. Our Executive Team is more than a collection of experts from the sectors of Agriculture, Finance, Tech and Retail – we work together with passion to help shape a sustainable, climate conscious, viable future for the production of fresh produce.

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